types of it racksIf you’ve scrolled through our product list, you’ve seen all of the types of IT racks that we offer. From simple 2- and 4-post server racks to those that can withstand seismic activity, we have a huge selection. But with so many options, how do you know which data rack is right for you?

Floor Standing
These racks are appropriate for large-capacity environments like a data center. If you have enough equipment to fill them, then you should consider using floor standing racks.

  • Rack enclosure: Rack enclosures are just that — enclosed on all sides. These racks are suitable for electronics with limited access control or others that need to be watched more closely. If any of this equipment holds sensitive data, it should be closed away in a full rack enclosure.
  • Open-frame enclosure: Open-frame enclosures do not have panels surrounding them, which makes the electronic devices much easier to access. If you have a system with lots of movable parts that need to be checked frequently, a simple open frame enclosure will do nicely. It’s both smart and economical. If you have a lot of data to handle, then this may be the best choice for you.

Wall mounted
For smaller amounts of data to be stored, a wall mounted rack may be the perfect size and capacity. These racks are a great solution for smaller office connectivity, home security equipment as well as classroom IT equipment. Its functionality as a network solution is essentially the same as its larger counterpart, but it obviously works best when there is not as much equipment to be stored.

Other than these basic options, there are a number of special-circumstance enclosures specifically used for areas with seismic activity, military use, shielded commercial use, or even just the casing of a desktop computer tower.

In 2011, 38% of large companies were poised to increase their IT operations within a year and a half. Now, it’s clear that IT is still growing and won’t stop anytime soon.

If you need help determining which types of IT racks you need for your company, contact AMCO Enclosures to speak to a specialist.