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AMCO Enclosures ARES Line Meets The Need For A Basic Rack That Doesn’t Sacrifice Features, Customization

Sometimes, you just need a basic rack that’s durable and affordable. To get such a rack, though, too often you might find yourself having to sacrifice on quality or pay for features you don’t need. It’s just such situations that AMCO Enclosures had in mind when developing its new ARES rack.

AMCO, a 72-year-old brand of IMS Engineered Products, has typically shied away from providing products such as the ARES line, says Kevin Groom, vice president of sales and marketing. “In the markets we serve, we’re always viewed as the highest-quality manufacturer.” However, after talking with a number of facilities, including colocation companies, its product engineers realized there was an unmet need.

AMCO’s challenge, Groom says, was to build an affordable, sturdy product that may not be feature-rich but has some great features built-in. Most important, though, it needed to maintain AMCO’s reputation for building the highest-quality rack products on the market.

Easy To Assemble
ARES racks are built using a unique slot-and-tab technology, so they can be delivered either fully assembled or in a knock- down fashion that’s easy to put together in as little as 15 minutes, Groom says. But that versatility doesn’t sacrifice on load rating. “We’ve developed a product that exceeds the load ratings of all our competitors in the space,” Groom says, with a static load rating of 3,000 pounds. “We’ve actually tested it for four months with 5,400 pounds, and there’s been no degradation.”

Other standard built-in features include tool less mounting of 
 PDUs and cable management in the back of the rack. Cabinet doors have 77% perforation for optimal airflow through the cabinet to cool equipment, Groom says, with the ability for thermal management through cabinet- level chimney containment by putting a solid door on the rear of the cabinet and a chimney on top. ARES racks can also work in standard hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment configurations.

Standard rack heights include 52RU, 48RU, and 42RU, with depths of 45 and 48 inches. The racks include four levelers with a 1,000-pound load rating and four mounting channels that are fully adjustable all the way to the front or rear. The racks are available in stock as black but, Groom says, they’re available in 10 other colors if a customer needs a large run specifically for them.

Optional features include five different top panels, two different side panels (locking and non-locking), and four door configurations (face-mount perforated, full flush-mount perforated door, French perforated doors, and solid rear door when utilizing a cabinet chimney). AMCO can also do private branding such as placing a company’s logo on the front or side of the rack.

Made In The United States
To offer such standard features Groom says, most manufacturers have to go overseas o procure products. But all AMCO racks are manufactured at the company’s 290,000-square-foot facility in Des Plaines, Illinois. “Racks are manufactured here, stocked here, and available to ship out the same day or next day.”

And while most manufacturers offer a fairly rigid rack configurations in this price range, Groom says, with the ARES line, you can mix or match features. With the AMCO Enclosures online rack configurator, you can choose the ARES rack, pick a size, and then select accessories one by one. Once the rack is configured, you’re given one specific serial number. “The customer gets exactly what they want, and they’re not paying for components they don’t want,” Groom says.

“When someone wants to customize a cabinet, for us that’s unbelievably simple. Customers work with our engineers, and we give them exact- ly what they want with highest quality product in the shortest amount of time possible.”