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One Stop For All Your Rack Needs

AMCO Enclosures Has Quickly Become A Leader In High-Quality Racks & Containment Made In The United States

TITNA DT - TCM - ARESWhen you mention customization to some product manufacturers, it can add layers of complication and long lead times. For AMCO Enclosures, though, it’s just part of the way it does business.

“What sets us apart from everybody else—whether it’s in the data center, aerospace, or any other industry we serve— is our ability to give customers exactly what they want,” says Kevin Groom, vice president of sales and marketing. “We work best when we put your data center infrastructure engineer directly in touch with our engineer and they work together to come up with the exact solution that’s going to fit your needs.”

Since 1943
The company, which has been designing and manufacturing enclosures since 1943 and branched out into the data center industry just a few years ago, is always viewed as the highest-quality manufacturer in the industries it serves, Groom says. Plus, it takes great pride in making all its products in its own 290,000-square-foot facility in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The TitanDT is the “corner- stone” of the racking products AMCO offers for data centers, Groom says. “There are millions of configurations available,” including five door options, five top panels, thousands of cable management variations, five standard heights, three widths, four depths, and 11 standard colors. “We have the components in stock, and we weld them together like a jigsaw puzzle.”
TitanDT racks have a static load rating of 5,400 pounds and feature cable management and tool-less mounting of PDUs in the rear of the rack and cable raceway options between the racks.
TitanDT racks are easy to retrofit for hot-aisle containment with a rack-level chimney. “With other manufacturers, you have to throw out the rear doors and the top panel and replace those parts with a solid rear door and a new top panel.” With the TitanDT, you just remove the brushes or cover plate in the rear of the top panel, add solid inserts that just screw right in to the perforated door, and put the chimney on top. “We’ve had customers save $300 to $400 per cabinet because they didn’t have to replace the doors and were able to retrofit.”

High-Density Cabling
For network applications and high-density cabling, AMCO offers its Titan Cable Management (TCM) rack. The two-post racks come in a variety of heights and depths, and they have a 2,100-pound load rating and are in stock in black but available in 10 other colors for no extra charge.
Like the TitanDT, TCM racks have 9-gauge wire fingers for cable management. “Most competitors have plastic fingers that cannot be changed,” Groom says. Because AMCO makes the fingers out of 9-gauge wire, it can build custom lengths, with fingers available at every RU or every other RU.

Quality That’s Affordable
AMCO’s newest rack, ARES, maintains the company’s history of high quality and comes in a variety of heights and depths, but it’s offered at a price “very close to offshore pricing,” Groom says.
ARES racks have a 3,000- pound static load rating, come standard with tool-less mounting of PDUs and cable management in the rear, and are available in one to three days in black powder-coat with 10 other colors available upon request. ARES racks are available fully assembled or ship as knock- down kits.

With all of its offerings—both racks and containment solutions, including sliding and swing aisle doors and drop-away ceilings—AMCO has become a leader in the data center industry in just a matter of a few years, Groom says. “We feel we meet all the racking infrastructure needs of the data center. We’re a one-stop shop to buy everything that they need.”